5 Best Pasta Maker Items For The Professional Chef

There is nothing quite as satisfying as an Italian restaurant meal, and that's where a pasta machine comes in! Whether you're a professional chef or just looking to improve your culinary skills, a pasta machine is a must-have.

Today, We are going to be sharing with you my top five pasta machines for the professional chef.

1: Weston Deluxe Electric Pasta Machine 01-0601-W

This Weston Deluxe Electric Pasta Machine is perfect for the professional chef. It has a variety of adjustable settings, including fast/slow roller speed control, Comes with an adjustable pasta bike and cleaning brush, 5 ¾” wide rollers, a Built-in safety switch that immediately cuts power, 120 volts

2: Weston Manual Pasta Machine 01-0201

This Weston Manual Pasta Machine is excellent for the manual chef. Adjustable 6" inches rollers for multiple thickness settings, Double cutting head for fettuccini and spaghetti, C-Clamp to attach the pasta machine to a countertop, and Easy-to-follow instructions and recipe booklet.

3: Somerset 20" Synthetic Dough Roller

Somerset® Dough Roller, 20" synthetic rollers, sheets 500-600 pieces per hour up to 20" diameter, front operation, manual roller adjustable, safety sensors, removable spring loaded synthetic scrapers, large hopper, stainless steel construction, 4" adjustable legs, 3/4 HP, cETLus, NSF, CE, USDA

4: Thunderbird Semi-Auto Dough Divider and Rounder

Dough Divider/Rounder, semi-automatic, produces (36) 1 oz - 4 oz dough balls, 3/4 HP

5: Blanching Basket w/ Coated Handle

Pasta/Blanching Basket, 6-1/2" diameter. x 7" H, fine wire mesh, coated handle, 18/8 stainless steel.

Pasta machines are perfect for professional chefs, regardless of their experience level. These machines make it easy to create pasta dishes quickly and accurately.

Some of the more popular models include those that can make traditional shapes like spaghetti, lasagna sheets, and ravioli and more creative options like dough balls and noodle doughs. Not all machines are designed for professional use, however; some can be used by anyone who wants to make a quick meal or snack. Regardless of which machine you choose, it’s important to get a quality product in order to create the perfect dish.

Pasta machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with many different functions. Depending on your business, you may need a machine that can produce different types of pasta or one that can do a variety of tasks simultaneously.

If you're in the market for a new pasta machine, be sure to consult with us. We are a restaurant supply store with over 100,000+ products We'll be able to help you find the perfect machine for your needs, and we'll be able to provide guidance on how to use it most effectively. If you need help purchasing pasta machines for your business, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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