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We are Cresco-Resco, a family owned restaurant supply store, located in Sacramento, CA. We take pride in sharing decades of industry experience.

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Sacramento, known as the "Farm-to-Fork Capital" of the U.S., is a foodie's paradise in the heart of California. The vibrant city has deep ties to the agricultural lands surrounding it, providing a plethora of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that fill its kitchens. Its dining scene is renowned for restaurants with seasonal menus that make the most of this diverse bounty, from succulent fruits and vegetables, to organic meats and hand-crafted cheeses. Its passion for farm-to-table dining benefits the region's farmers and producers and ensures that its patrons experience the freshest, most flavorful dishes possible. Whether it's an elegant, white tablecloth establishment or a no-frills, homey eatery, its eateries are committed to highlighting the best of what the area has to offer.

Sacramento is a city of incredible diversity, reflective of a population made up of people from around the globe. This is no more apparent than in its culinary landscape, which features authentic Mexican taquerias, hip, Asian-fusion eateries, Italian bistros and modern, American restaurants. This diversity is also on display in its booming street food scene, where food trucks and pop-up cafes are allowing the city's residents to sample an endless array of cuisines, at all hours, and in neighborhoods where gourmet dining options have traditionally been scarce.

 The city takes pride in its remarkable food culture and provides it with a number of annual events and celebrations, including the Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Festival, an outdoor, community event that brings together local chefs, farmers, and the dining public to honor the city's leadership in fresh, sustainable dining. With its extraordinary agricultural heritage and a commitment to quality and sustainability, Sacramento is the ideal destination for impassioned food lovers in search of a true, unfiltered culinary experience.


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  • Phone: (916) 446-3300
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