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11 de December, 2023

When it comes to high-quality refrigeration for your commercial kitchen, True Manufacturing stands out as a leader in the industry. Renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and state-of-the-art designs, True offers a wide range of refrigeration solutions tailor-made for the demanding needs of the food service sector. And the best part?

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You can explore and purchase a vast array of True Refrigeration products directly from Here, we delve into ten standout models from True, each offering unique features and benefits to elevate your kitchen’s functionality.

1. True T-49-HC Reach-In Refrigerator

True T-49-HC: The True T-49-HC is a testament to functionality and durability. This reach-in refrigerator boasts a spacious interior, stainless steel construction, and environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant. Ideal for busy kitchens needing reliable cold storage.

2. True TSSU-48-12-ADA Salad/Sandwich Prep Table

True TSSU-48-12-ADA: Catering to the needs of sandwich and salad preparation, this ADA-compliant unit offers ample space, an easily accessible refrigerated compartment, and cutting-edge temperature control for fresh ingredients every time.

3. True GDM-10F-HC-LD One-Section, Freezer Merchandiser

True GDM-10-LD: Perfect for showcasing beverages and perishables, the GDM-10-LD features a clear glass door for maximum product visibility, energy-efficient LED lighting, and robust refrigeration technology.

4. True TUC-27 Undercounter Refrigerator

True TUC-27: When space is at a premium, the TUC-27 offers a compact yet powerful refrigeration solution. Fitting seamlessly under counters, this unit is perfect for small kitchens or additional cold storage.

5. True T-23F-HC Freezer

True T-23F-HC: The T-23F-HC delivers exceptional freezing capabilities. With its spacious interior and energy-efficient design, it’s an excellent choice for storing frozen goods in high-volume kitchens.

6. True TBB-24-48G-LD Back Bar Cooler

True TBB-24-48G-LD: Ideal for bars and restaurants, this back bar cooler features sliding doors, adjustable shelves, and LED lighting to efficiently store and display a variety of beverages.

7. True TRCB-52 Chef Base

True TRCB-52: The TRCB-52 chef base is a multitasker, providing refrigerated storage space while serving as a sturdy base for other kitchen equipment. Its robust design ensures longevity and performance.

8. True TWT-27-HC Worktop Refrigerator

True TWT-27-HC: Combining refrigeration with workspace, the TWT-27-HC is an efficient solution for kitchens needing to maximize area. The stainless steel worktop is durable and easy to clean.

9. True TS-49G-4  Reach-In Refrigerator

The TS-49G-4 True Reach-In Refrigerator provides up to 49 cu. ft. of storage space, making it ideal for commercial kitchens. Its top-of-the-line insulation and energy-efficient compressor provides reliable performance and allows for extended food preservation. With its stainless steel door, interior temperatures remain consistent and hygienic for safe food storage.

10. True TCGG-48-LD Curved Glass Deli Case

TCGG-48-LD: Showcase your deli items in style with the TSID-48-2. This deli case features a sleek design, adjustable shelves, and high-quality refrigeration to keep products at the perfect temperature.

True Refrigeration’s diverse product line at ensures that no matter your kitchen’s requirements, there’s a True appliance that fits the bill. From storage to display, each model is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and dedication to quality, making True a trusted name in commercial refrigeration.

Visit today to explore these models and more, and elevate your kitchen’s refrigeration game with True!

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