Our Company


In 1977, my father Paul Oelsner, a retired pharmacist and entrepreneur, purchased Resco Restaurant Equipment on South Virginia St. in Reno, NV. He saw tremendous potential to turn this little store which had little merchandising on-hand into something far grander. And with 6 children at home, he didn’t have to look far for his first employees.

The once little store was turned into a first of its kind showroom making Resco the biggest dealer in Reno with weekly deliveries across the Eastern side of the Sierras.

What set us apart from other dealers was my father’s vision to have inventory on-hand. It seems obvious now, but in the 70’s this was the exception. Dealers in this industry kept little inventory on-hand, instead ordering products for customers after their order was placed. Resco was one of the first showrooms in the restaurant equipment and supply industry in the country. “We have everything, including the kitchen sink!” became not only our slogan, but our reality.

With the Reno store being so successful, expansion was the next step. Within only a few years of purchasing Resco Restaurant Equipment, we were able to open another store in Sacramento. Our success continued from there and we subsequently opened stores in Fresno, Las Vegas, and Denver.

We have been in business for almost 40 years and are one of the largest brick and mortar restaurant equipment dealers in the country, having 5 huge stores in 3 western states.


To give our customers a great shopping experience whether it be in store, on-line, or by phone. The formula we’ve been using for almost 40 years is simple: Stock on-hand, competitive pricing, and employing passionate sales representatives that provide you with exceptional customer service.