Proofing & Holding Cabinets

Holding Cabinets and Proofing Cabinets: What's the Difference?

A holding cabinet is designed to help keep cooked foods at a safe serving temperature, while a proofing cabinet is specifically designed to help bread dough rise, which in turn will result in better-quality baked goods. A proofing cabinet works by helping to achieve consistent results every time. Both types of cabinets have their own benefits, but they are not the same thing. We carry units that are a combination of both holding and proofing, ensuring that you have the perfect tool for whatever task you're facing.


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EC1816-C Winholt  Enclosed Mobile Transport Cabinet
$817.00 $1,610.00
EC1816-C Winholt Enclosed Mobile Transport Cabinet
Winholt Equipment
On Sale
HPC7008-C9F8 Cozoc Non-Insulated Full-Size Heated Proofer Cabinet
On Sale
HPC 7011 Cozoc Full-Size Heater/Proofer Cabinet w/ Donut Rack
On Sale
INHPL-1836C Winholt Insulated Heater Proofer Cabinet
$2,307.00 $4,789.00
INHPL-1836C Winholt Insulated Heater Proofer Cabinet
Winholt Equipment
On Sale

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