Solve Labor Headaches with Servi Plus!

Aug 21, 2023

Meet Servi Plus – A Heavy-Duty Solution for Labor Headaches 

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Let’s face it, running a restaurant is becoming more difficult by the day. Especially in our current climate, increased inflation and rising costs have made it incredibly challenging to retain staff and operate with efficiency. According to the National Restaurant Association, 62% of operators report they can’t find enough staff to meet demand, and 80% say they have a hard time filling open positions.

To cope with these sub-optimal conditions, many in the hospitality industry are cutting hours. In fact, a recent study reveals that restaurants are open 7.5% fewer hours now than they were before the pandemic. In many cases, these service cutbacks are severely compounding revenue losses from rising costs and worker shortages.

Thankfully, in this innovative era of restaurant automation, there are solutions out there that not only pick up the slack but also allow for more favorable working conditions, higher wages, and less turnover.

Servi Plus Is The Saving Grace of the 21st Century 

As the industry-leading supplier of restaurant solutions and services, we’re constantly on the lookout for innovative integrations that will help our customers thrive in any market. Recently, we partnered with Bear Robotics to introduce Servi to our inventory.

Servi is a 100% autonomous solution for alleviating repetitive work like running food, delivering drinks, bussing tables, and beyond. We’ve already heard so many success stories with Servi that we’re stoked to learn about Servi Plus, an expanded edition of this incredible automation tool.

Billed as a “Heavy-Duty Helping Hand,” Servi Plus is the perfect answer for bigger, busier restaurants that may be short-staffed and struggling to keep up with demand. With a 16+ dish capacity and increased 88lb payload, this automated assistant is the perfect companion for service staff of more sizable operations.  

Just like the original, Servi Plus serves as a reliable, cost-effective solution reducing both labor costs and turnover. Since it effectively reduces repetitive work, service staff have more time to spend on the floor with guests instead of dashing about the restaurant to retrieve orders. This means less stress, happier customers, higher tips, and less turnover.

Stacked for Superior Service 

Besides sharing the same cutting-edge tech stack of the original Servi, such as advanced LiDar navigation, Multi-Robot Mode, and 24/7 monitoring and analytics, Servi Plus debuts a range of upgrades.

With industry-leading suspension, this service robot can easily handle ADA ramps and liquid delivery. In fact, Servi Plus glides across a variety of flooring types and can cross thresholds up to 1/2".

Its upgraded interface and enhanced design give it an all-new look and feel as well. Responsive LED lighting and a custom dot matrix display add elements of sophistication while allowing for tailored messaging to your customers.

Of course, the biggest upgrade is in the name. Servi Plus can carry four XL trays or four standard bus tubs for tackling more tables all at once. With labor shortages still affecting much of the hospitality industry, we know just how crucial this can be and we’re so excited to be able to offer this next iteration to our customers.

Get Started with Servi Plus Today 

Whether you’re already a Servi fan or haven’t yet considered adding automation to your workflow, now is the perfect time to try Servi Plus. We offer the industry’s most competitive leasing options and installation is expertly orchestrated by Bear Robotics’ Robotic Field Engineers.

At each step, from the initial workflow audit to analytics and performance adjustments, Bear Robotics ensures optimum efficiency, unrivaled results, and proven ROI.

Servi Plus is sure to revolutionize your restaurant’s operations. We can’t wait to show you how. 

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