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Menu Versatility

Experienced chefs agree that re-heating pre-cooked foods with steam heat is often better than relying on conventional ovens or microwaves, Unlike these dry heat sources, steam heat enhances the flavor and freshness of your food product, while heating thoroughly ... with uniform consistency.

You'll see the colors of your vegetables and other fresh food products brighten, as steam heat maintains all their natural vitamins and nutrients. Steam is truly a much healthier means of cooking many foods, giving them added nutritional appeal.

EmberGlo's top injecting steamers are time savers. Many pre-cooked foods may only require thawing, heating and/or re-hydrating, tasks perfectly suited to steamers. Not only will steam heat improve your operational efficiency, you'll also be able to prepare many of your popular menu items in advance, refrigerating them until you're ready to steam and serve.


Top Injecting Food Steamers

Drawer Opening Self Contained Distilled Water Reservoirs

Greater Efficiency for Greater Profit

Our innovative engineers have designed the AR30/AR60 electric food steamers with your success in mind. That's why our steamers are built compactly to fit all standard counters, back bars and service areas. Our front drawer models are created to fit under your counter or shelf to provide you with more work space. The closed generator is designed to increase your productivity by cutting down your cooking time.

Our steamers are portable models, with self-contained distilled water reservoirs, that can be moved from place to place for coffee breaks, rush period or night service needs.

All of our steamers are built ruggedly with stainless steel cabinetry for easy cleaning and longer life. For your added convenience, we include an extra deep, removable food pan for even more capacity.

AR30 model/ includes a 4"deep-standard 1/2" size restaurant pan

AR30 $1399


AR60 model includes a 4"deep-standard 2/3" size restaurant pan

AR60 $2119


EmberGlo steamers are proven time savers ... preparing a variety of foods efficiently and economically

When you demand the best quality, be sure to specify EmberGlo.

Depend on EmberGlo for quality design and proven performance.

Model Number Type Electrical Electrical Food Pan
AR30 Front Opening with self-contained water supply 120v-60hz, 1500 watts, 12.5 amps 6 ft., 3 wire cord 4" deep, half size
AR60 Front Opening with self-contained water supply 120v single phase, 1500 watts, 12.5 amps 6 ft., 3 wire cord 4"deep 2/3 size
2" deep (opt.)
Conditions in most areas require the use of distilled or demineralized water. Clogged or limed generators caused by use of non-treated water w I not be covered under the terms of the warranty.

For Export On y: A I models available 22OV, 5OHz. less cord and U.S. agency approvals.

Tap Water Food Steamers


ES5 - Self Contained Water Supply

Simple to Use-Easy to Operate

The ES5 series food steamers have been engineered to handle the most demanding workload. ES5 steamers are furnished with an adjustable lid hinge that gives you the option of opening the lid to either a 60' or 90' position. The hinge also includes counter-balanced springs to prevent the lid from slamming.

Cooking your favorite dishes has never been so easy. On your command, the EmberGlo steamer starts working almost immediately -injecting gentle spurts of tap water into the generator, producing clean, hot steam.

The ES5PB and ES5T direct water hook up models include a six foot flexible hose and quick disconnect fittings ... making installation a snap! Direct-water hook-up provides a constant water supply to the unit and allows the water line to be removed for easy cleaning-without shutting off the kitchen's water supply.

Our ES5M and ES5TS portable models have self contained one gallon capacity water pans-allowing these units to be easily moved from one place to another for your operating convenience... the perfect model for any task.

EmberGlo's ES5T and ES5TS automatic models include timers, offering you even greater possibilities to expand your menu. The main control timer may be set for any cooking time, automatically injecting steam at 20 second intervals. A buzzer signal and light will alert you when the cooking cycle is complete. These models also include a manual button, allowing you to hydrate rolls, melt cheese, warm a deli sandwich-all at the push of a button.

Designed For Dependability

All ES5 models are compactly designed (only 14" wide) to fit standard counters, back bars and  service areas. Interior and exterior surfaces-

including the food pan-are constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel for maximum durability and easy clean up. The removable 4" deep half-size food pan has greater capacity to increase your rush hour performance. For even more flexibility, the ES5 Steamer Basket Accessory Kit provides a stainless mesh basket with a detachable handle.

We have a variety of options to suit most of your operational needs, so all you need to do is choose the model that's right for you.

Depend on EmberGlo's quality design for proven performance to increase your profitability.



The Fully Automatic ES5T Food Steamer-Cooker With Automatic Timer



  • Automatic control timer, audible signal
  • Optional push-button operation
  • Direct connect to your tap water line
  • Fully cooks fresh produce

The Automatic ES5PB Push-button Steamer



  • Direct connect to your tap water line
  • Quick-connect fittings and six-foot flexible hose
  • Push-button operation

The portable ES5M Manual Steamer



  • One-gallon, removable water pan
  • Manual pump operation
  • Self-contained, portable


The Portable ES5TS Food Steamer-Cooker With Automatic Timer



  • All the features of the ES5T made portable with one-gallon, removable water pan
  • Shown here with ES5 Series Basket Accessory



Tap Water Food Steamers


Full Size ES10 - Direct Water Hook-Up


Cooking with Steam - It's As Easy As 1-2-3 

1. Easy To Install
EmberGlo's ES10 series steamer uses regular tap water Simply attach our flexible six-foot, quick-disconnect water hose with its built-in filter directly to your water line. This provides a constant water supply to the unit and allows the water line to be removed for easy cleaning without the hassle of turning off the kitchen's water supply

2. Easy To Operate
With our full size pan, you can handle larger volume. You will have more capacity, more steam nozzles and heating elements and better operating efficiency-all of which increases your production.

To customize your food preparation, our ES1 OT steamer offers a timer that may be preset for most desired cooking times. Automatically, gentle shots of steam are introduced at your preset intervals. When the cycle is complete a buzzer signal will alert you that it's done.

We have two options for our timer units:

External timer. A timer can be conveniently located on the outside for simple setting changes.

Internal timer. A timer may be installed internally to prevent your preset cooking times from being changed.

if you prefer a manual model, the ES10PB is available. This unit is perfect if your menu items need only short operator-controlled bursts of steam instead of timed cooking.

All ES10 steamers are furnished with an adjustable lid hinge that gives you the option of opening the lid to either a 60 or 90 position. The hinge includes counter-balanced springs to prevent the lid from slamming. Our interchangeable handles can be located in four different areas for more flexible work counter layouts.

3. Easy To Maintain

Because ES10 steamers use regular tap water, there is no need for demineralization or special cleaning solutions. Maintenance of the water nozzle is accomplished with our internal stainless steel cleaning spring.

Thanks to their complete stainless steel construction, our attractive ES1 0 steamers are sanitary and durable. And our heating elements are encased in a heavy gauge aluminum casting for long-term durability.

Clean up is virtually we" free: all that's necessary is a wipe of a sponge at the end of each day

Depend on EmberGlo for our quality design and proven performance.


ES10T Features



  • Fully automatic food steamer/cooker
  • Automatic timer control with audible signal
  • Optional push-button operation
  • Direct connect to your tap water line
  • Fully cook5 all fresh, frozen or refrigerated foods

ES10PB Features



  • Direct connect to your tap water line
  • Quick-connect fittings and six-foot flexible hose
  • Push-button operation
Front View

Side View

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