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Classic Hot Dog Steamers


 Features top loading lid design for easy access to you hot dogs, buns and more.

 Side by side design provides more control of heat and humidity to satisfy all your steaming needs.

 Bun compartment features a humidity control system and a bun rack to keep buns warm and fresh.

Qty   $479


Model No. Width Depth Height Voltage Wattage NEMA
35SSC 18 15 15-5/8 120V 1000 5-15P



Unit shown with OPTIONAL Duratec coated non-stick rollers.

413212 20 dog Qty  $829

413213 30 dog Qty  $915

413214 45 dog Qty  $999

413215 50 dog Qty  $1099

413216 75 dog Qty   $1377


Model Height Width Depth Capacity Weight Voltage Wattage
413212 12-1/2" 17-1/8" 20-5/8" 20 hot dogs 43 lbs. 120 930
413213 12-1/2" 23-3/4" 20-5/8" 30 hot dogs 50 lbs. 120 1150
413214 12-1/2" 23-3/4" 28-1/2" 45 hot dogs 65 lbs. 120 1650
413215 12-1/2" 35-3/4" 20-5/8" 50 hot dogs 64 lbs. 120 1535
413216 12-1/2" 35-3/4" 28-1/2" 75 hot dogs 110 lbs. 120 1730


Unique stadium seating slanted roller design providing the best presentation of your products, increasing sales and impulse purchases.

Slim-line design provides more grill surface in the same space. Increased capacity means additional sales and greater profits.

Latest technology in cooking and holding. Infinite temperature controls provide more linear heat control for better performance.

Easy access control knobs provide sectional heating for front and rear rollers.

Optional  Duratec coated non-stick rollers, the best non-stick high performance coating for today's high volume operations. Duratec rollers meet the demands for improved durablity, cleanability and feature superior grip for improved rollability of today's new Roller Grill snack foods.

The standard chrome rollers provide a durable cooking surface designed for traditional cooking operations.

Seal-Max, Star's exclusive superior heavy-duty roller bearing and seal combination provides smoother operation, longer life, low maintenance and grease-free internal compartments.






413202 18 dog Qty  $849

413211 36 dog Qty  $939


Model Height Width Depth Capacity Weight Voltage Wattage
174CBA 24" 13-1/2" 14-1/2" 18 dogs, 12 buns 52 lbs. 120 1150
175CBA 24" 19-1/2" 14-1/2" 36 dogs, 32 buns 70 lbs. 120 1350

Stainless steel cradle-type hot dog wheel provides basting action that rolls the dogs resulting in more evenly cooked products with uniform color.

Stainless steel spike-type hot dog wheel-spears product and rotates while cooking.

Special glass reflects radiant energy back into the cabinet, increasing speed of cooking and decreasing exterior temperature.

Built-in pull out heated bun warmer with removable, washable, stainless steel pan keeps buns warm and ready to serve without becoming soggy.

Momentary wheel switch for easy loading and unloading of product.

Adjustable thermostat provides wide range temperature control.

Colorful merchandising graphics to build impulse sales.

Illuminated cabinets for better visibility.

Lighted "on-off" switch for visual control.


Hot Dog Steamers
FEATURES & BENEFITS                  

 Features full view tempered glass for displaying hot dogs, buns and more...

 Removable sliding tempered glass doors provide easy access to hot dogs and buns.

 Powerful tubular immersion element for faster heat up.

413001 15-5/8"   $486


4132162 17-5/8"  $679



Model Height Width Depth Weight Voltage Wattage
413001 15-5/8" 14-3/4" 16-1/2" 24 lbs. 120 / 230 1000
4132162 17-5/8" 18-3/4" 16-1/2" 26 lbs. 120 / 230 1300


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