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By Jason Holben

"Wow! What A Help!... A great tool for stating exactly what I need... Kinda fun too, My staff is always passing it around, trying out new words."

-Monique Vige, Chef, Lafayette, LA.

After fifteen years of restaurant experience; from the dish room to management and everything in between, I have found that a working understanding of the Spanish language is priceless...I also found that learning Spanish from textbooks between shifts is impossible.

You will find this book easy to use and extremely helpful in all facets of restauranteuring; from hiring and training to maintaining quality and consistency throughout. All of  the 1400+words and phrases presented here were translated by bi-lingual restaurant workers to provide you with a quick and accurate guide to communicating with your Spanish speaking employees.

Just as the English language has many dialects and twangs, so too does the Spanish language. The translations provided here and the way that your staff may prefer to pronounce them are likely to differ slightly from time to time. When this happens, it is my sincere hope that y'all get a good laugh out of it, and a better understanding of what is being said.






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