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The Hood System is probably the most expensive and complicated equipment system you will purchase. Call me, Art Oelsner. I have sold and specified hood systems for over 25 years. I can help you select the right system for your equipment.



ND Series Hood

ND Series  
Exhaust-Only Hood
Captive-Aire's flagship ND hood is a wall canopy exhaust-only unit that operates at low CFM. It is UL Listed for use over 450F, 600F, and 700F cooking surface temperatures.
Offering A Fully Integrated Package, Pre-Engineered For Optimum Performance

  • Exhaust Flow Rates: Superior exhaust flow rates. A 4' Hood can operate at 150 CFM/ft or 600 total CFM.
  • UL Listed: UL Listed for use over 450F, 600F and 700F cooking surface temperatures, provides flexibility in designing kitchen ventilation systems. UL Listed to Canadian safety standards, NSF Listed and built in accordance with NFPA 96. Recognized by ICBO, BOCA and SBCCI.
  • Front Design: Double Wall front design prevents condensation and directs grease-laden vapors toward the exhaust filter bank.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Polished stainless steel on the interior and exterior of the front enhance aesthetics.
  • Optional Make-Up Air: Up to 80% make-up air can be supplied through an optional front plenum   or up to 90% with an optional rear plenum or front and rear plenums.
  • Sturdy Construction: Sturdy stainless steel construction with double wall, insulated front panel.
  • Pre-wiring at Factory: Factory pre-wired lighting to illuminate the cooking surface.
  • Industrial Grease Baffle Filters: All hoods come standard with aluminum baffle filters.  Stainless steel filters are optional.  High velocity cartridge filters are available on the CND series.
  • Clearance to Combustibles: Optional integral clearance to combustibles reduction system to meet NFPA 96 requirements.
  • Face Mounted Controls: Optional UL Listed light and fan control switches flush mounted and pre-wired through electrical chaseway.
  • Capture & Containment: Exceptional capture and containment of cooking vapors. This is accomplished with the signature ND "triangle" on the front of the hood's capture area and the "C-shaped" design of the hood's capture area.
  • UL Listed Fire Damper: Optional UL Listed exhaust fire damper on the ND-100 model.
Max. Avg. Cooking Surface Temp. (F) Configuration Min. Exhaust CFM/ft.
450F - Ovens, Steamers, Kettles, Open-Burner Ranges, Griddles, Fryers Single Wall Hood

2 Wall Hoods Back-to-Back in an Island Configuration

600F - Gas Charbroilers, Electric Charbroilers Single Wall Hood

2 Wall Hoods Back-to-Back in an Island Configuration

700F - Mesquite Grills, Charcoal Charbroilers, Gas Conveyor Charbroilers Single Wall Hood

2 Wall Hoods Back-to-Back in an Island Configuration

Recommended Duct Sizing:
  • Exhaust - Base on 1600 FPM
  • Supply - Base on 800 to 1200 FPM


  • Available in single wall type or two piece back-to-back island configuration.
  • Fabricated of Type 430 stainless steel, #3 or #4 polish, on all exposed surfaces. Optional type 304 stainless steel available.
  • Double-wall, insulated front increases rigidity and reduces condensation.
  • Fitted with UL Classified, aluminum filters, removable for cleaning. Optional stainless steel and UL Listed high velocity cartridge filters available. (Model CND)
  • Grease drain system (1/8" per foot minimum slope) with removable pint cup for easy cleaning.
  • Pre-punched hanging angles on each end of hood. Additional set provided for hoods longer than 12'.
  • Optional integral clearance to combustibles reduction system to meet NFPA 96 requirements.
  • Fitted with UL Listed, pre-wired, incandescent light fixtures and plastic-coated glass globes to hold up to a standard 100 watt bulb. Recessed incandescent and recessed fluorescent lights optional.
  • A built-in wiring chase provided for optimal positioning of electrical controls and outlets on the front face of the hood without penetrating capture area or requiring external chaseway.
  • Optional UL Listed exhaust fire damper (Model ND-100).
  • UL Listed for 450F, 600F and 700F cooking surfaces (File MH 12106 without exhaust damper; File MH 14540 with exhaust damper), UL Listed to Canadian safety standards, NSF Listed and built in accordance with NFPA Standard 96. Recognized by ICBO, BOCA, and SBCCI.

Utility Cabinet: UL Listed for integral side mount on the Captive-Aire Systems ventilation hood...fabricated of same material as hood...the cabinet houses factory pre-piped UL Listed fire suppression system* and UL Listed, pre-wired electrical controls...pre-wire package* contains light switches, lighted fan control switches and internal factory wiring and components (starters, relays, etc.) to reduce field wiring requirements. UL tests confirm temperatures do not exceed 120F inside the cabinet during fire condition. (120F is the maximum allowed storage temperature for the UL Listed fire suppression system and the UL Listed Industrial control panel.) (*Dimensional restrictions may apply)

Rear Make-Up Air Plenum: Provides make-up air for the kitchen, discharged below cooking equipment...welded...stainless steel exposed surfaces...unexposed surfaces made of aluminized metal...shipped separately, requiring field connection...insulated to prevent condensation...perforated diffuser plates for even air distribution. Provides required clearance from limited combustibles per NFPA 96 Standards.

Front Perforated Supply Plenum: Provides low velocity make-up air for the kitchen, discharged in front of the hood...welded...stainless steel...perforated diffuser plates for even air riser includes a volume damper for easy balancing.

Removable, UL Listed, High Velocity Cartridge Filters: Constructed of stainless steel...uses centrifugal force to remove grease and other particulates...National Institute of Standards and Technology methodology used by an independent agency to evaluate performance...tests indicate 95 percent extraction efficiency.

Enclosure Panels: Constructed of stainless steel...mounting channel factory-welded to hood for field installation of panels over 11" high...under 11", factory-welded and integrally installed into hood front ends...sized to extend from hood top to ceiling, enclosing pipe and hanging parts.

End Panels: Should be used to maximize hood performance and eliminate the effects of cross drafts in kitchen...units constructed of stainless steel and sized according to hood width and cooking equipment. Exposed edges hemmed for safety and rigidity.

Exhaust Fire Damper: UL Listed...installed in exhaust collar...activated by a UL Listed, 212F, 10-lb. minimum rated fusible link.

Roof Top Package: Combination UL Listed exhaust/supply air unit with factory prewired and mounted motors, UL Listed trunkline and curb vented on exhaust side. Various models perform up to 14,000 CFM exhaust and up to 3 inches static pressure...weatherproofed...galvanized construction... washable mesh filters...exhaust/supply air fans share common roof penetration...internal wiring drops directly through curb, requiring no pitch pockets...exhaust outlets/air intakes spaced to conform to code regulations...automatic reset/thermal overload protection on all single phase motors and on three phase motors if pre-wire assembly is included in package...standard single-point power connections...UL 705, 762 Listed exhaust fans rated for high grease applications...optional backdraft dampers.

Separate Exhaust and/or Make-Up Air Fans: UL Listed single exhaust fans and supply-air fans and curbs available...same features, construction methods and performance ratings as roof top package above.

Heated Make-Up Air Unit: UL Listed direct fired gas heated make-up air unit manufactured... UL Listed for natural gas and propane... design integrates the blower and burner into a single package... heavy duty, weather resistant, galvanized steel construction... units available in Roof Top Package or as a stand alone heated make-up air module... several sizes available to meet almost any performance rating specification.

Fire Suppression System: UL 300 pre-piped fire suppression system...Custom designed to your cooking equipment line-up.

Construction: 430 and 304 stainless steel construction...On exposed surfaces or 100%.

Clearance to Combustibles: Integral clearance to combustibles system that meets NFPA 96 requirements.

Electrical Controls: UL listed controls... Face mounted switches.

New York City School Construction Authority Requirements: The CND-SCA Series hood is manufactured to meet New York City School Construction Authority requirements. Contact a Captive-Aire sales representative for more information.

Captive-Aire sells this hood as a stand-alone appliance to be integrated into a kitchen ventilation application. Captive-Aire also provides this hood as part of a FULLY INTEGRATED PACKAGE designed by Captive-Aire and pre-engineered for OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE. The package consists of the hood, an integral UL Listed utility cabinet, factory pre-wired UL Listed electrical controls, and a factory pre-piped UL Listed fire suppression system. Other options include a UL Listed exhaust damper, a UL Listed exhaust fan, a UL Listed non-tempered make-up air fan, and/or a UL Listed direct-fired heated make-up air unit. Fire suppression systems include final hookup and inspection.


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