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As the photographs indicate, Crown Verity grills are like nothing else on the market. They offer the discriminating buyer every feature, including 18 gauge, commercial grade 304 #4 stainless steel throughout. And 850F of cooking heat in less than 10 minutes, with the top down.

Our grills come crated and fully assembled. There's a full line of models, sizes, and accessories available, each with the uncompromising quality for which Crown Verity is known.

Upscale grills are the fastest-growing (and potentially most profitable) segment of the market. With our background in professional restaurant equipment we are uniquely equipped to design and manufacture these grills. Our products have been designed by chefs - for chefs. As we like to say, "Our reputation is stainless."

Standard Features

  • 14" Wheel
  • Total Lock Casters
  • All Stainless Steel Construction 304 STST
  • 15,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burners
  • Lighter Tube (Pilot)
  • Stainless Steel Tank Brackets
  • Available in L.P. or Natural Gas
  • Complete with hose and pressure regulators
  • Stainless Steel radiants
  • Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Grills
  • Stainless Steel Undershelf and Legs
  • Stainless Steel Water Pan(s)



Chef Chris Devlin, Devlin's Country Bistro, remarks that the Crown Verity Mobile Outdoor Charbroilers are "great to cook on because of the fast recovery time and high cooking temperature". . . "so portable. . . easy to move to that just right location". . . "and, these broilers are a snap to clean thanks to the water pan design. . ."


MCB-30 38"x28"Dx36"H 28"Lx21"D 127 4 64,500
MCB-36 44"x28"Dx36"H 34"Lx21"D 143 5 79,500
MCB-48 56"x28"Dx36"H 46"Lx21"D 176 6 99,000
MCB-60 69"x28"Dx36"H 58"Lx21"D 215 8 129,000
MCB-72 81"x28"Dx36"H 70"Lx21"D 253 10 159,000
BI-36 39.5"x27"Dx17.75"H 34"Lx21"D 163 5 79,500
BM-60 72"x24"Dx31"H 60"Lx24"D 127 0 0


Unique Water Pan Design



for the Crown Verity Mobile Outdoor Char Broilers

Wind GuardWind Guards
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(lb) #Req'd
WG-36 Wind Guard for MCB-36     1
WG-48 Wind Guard for MCB-48 or B1-48     1
WB-60 Wind Guard for MCB-60     1 or 2
WB-72 Wind Guard for MCB-72     1 or 2

Roll DomeRoll Domes
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(lb) #Req'd
RD-36/72 Roll Dome for MCB-36, B1-36 or 1/2 of MCB-72 36"LX23"DX15 3/4 "H 41 1 or 2
RD-48 Roll Dome for MCB-48 & B1-48 48"LX23"DX15 3/4"H 53 1
RD-60 Roll Dome for 1/2 of MCB-60 30"LX23"DX15 3/4"H 35 1 or 2


UmbrellaUmbrella (Removable)
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(lb) #Req'd
60C-1 Umbrella c/w Mounting Bracket  
UMB S.S. Umbrella Mounting Bracket only  


Front ShelfRemovable Front Shelf
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
RFS-36 Removable Front Shelf for MCB-36  
RFS-48 Removable Front Shelf for MCB-48  
RFS-60 Removable Front Shelf for MCB-60  
RFS-72 Removable Front Shelf for MCB-72  


Griddle PlateGriddle Plates
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
G2022 Removable Griddle Plate 21"WX20"D 50 1 or 2
G1222 Removable Griddle Plate 12"WX20 1/2"D 35 1 or 2


Steam PanSteam PansSteam Pan Adapter
(Pans not included)
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
SPA Steam Pan Adapter 13"WX21"DX6 1/2"H 7 1 or 2


Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
RT-36 Rotisserie Assembly for MCB-36, B1-36 or left side
or left side of MCB-72 or 60
c/w 1 Set of 5" Forks
RT-48 Rotisserie Assembly for MCB-48 & B1-48
c/w 1 Set of 5" Forks
RT-60 Rotisserie Assembly for MCB-60
c/w 2 Sets of 5" Forks
RT-72 Rotisserie Assembly for MCB-72
c/w 2 Sets of 5" Forks


Rotisserie fork assemblyRotisserie Fork Assembly
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
FA-5 Fork Assembly 5" - complete set of 2     1
FA-10 Fork Assembly 10" - complete set of 2     1


End ShelfRemovable End Shelf

Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
RES S.S.Removable End Shelf
14"WX23"D 8 1 or 2


Bun RackS.S Adjustable Bun Rack

Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
ABR-36/72 S.S. Adjustable Bun Rack Assembly for
  11 1 or 2
ABR-48 S.S. Adjustable Bun Rack Assembly for
  15 1
ABR-60 S.S. Adjustable Bun Rack Assembly for
  9 1 or 2
  Note: These units are field installable.      


Perforated Grill PlateS.S.Perforated Grill Plate
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
PGP Stainless Steel Perforated Grill Plate 17"WX17"D 4 1 or 2


Smoker BoxS.S.Smoker Box
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
SBK Stainless Steel Smoker Box Kit     1 or 2
  Specify MCB model # when ordering      


Propane cartRemote Propane Cart
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd

Remote Propane Cart
c/w Securing Chains & one 25' Hose and Regulator for use with MCB-36.
Tank(s) not included

  87 1
RPS-486072 Remote Propane Cart
c/w Securing Chains & two 25' Hoses and Regulators for use with MCB-48, 60 & 72
Tank(s) not included
  93 1
  Note: This system is CGA & AGA approved when used with any MCB model.The RPS system when used with 50 lb. or larger cylinders, will provide uninterrupted, problem-free fuel supply to any of our MCB's, even in cold weather      


BBQ coverBBQ Covers
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
BC-36 BBQ Cover for MCB-36 w/Roll Dome Option Only     1
BC-48 BBQ Cover for MCB-48 w/Roll Dome Option Only     1
BC-60 BBQ Cover for MCB-60 w/Roll Dome Option Only     1
BC-72 BBQ Cover for MCB-72 w/Roll Dome Option Only     1


Built in islandCabinets for Built-In Models
Model Description Dimensions Wt.(LB) #Req'd
IS-36 Cabinet for B1-36 62"L x 35"W x 35"H 145 1
IS-48 Cabinet for B1-48 72"L x 35"W x 35"H 170 1

Note: Cabinets are constructed of a Powder Coated Baked Aluminum with Acrylic counter top.
These units include 2 cabinet doors, 1 side storage compartment and a GFIC Duplex receptacle. Shipped K.D.





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We have everything, including the kitchen sink."



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