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Edlund Manual Can Openers

   If your foodservice operation opens up to 50 cans per day, the Edlund series of Manual Can Openers is for you. These heavy duty openers will open most can shapes and sizes on the market. They're easy to install and operate, lasting through years and years of usage.
Manual Can Opener

Edlund Company invented these original can openers 75 years ago, and they have set the standard in Foodservice ever since. Now we’ve improved them to meet the even tougher requirements of today’s Foodservice operations. With a new smoother action base design, long wearing spool and rust resistant arbor, you just can’t copy our quality.

  • New Delrin plastic spool reduces friction against handle to improve wear
  • New base design for more rigidity
  • New Melonite arbor provides greater rust resistance to make gear changing easier
  • New replaceable plastic base insert provides smooth glide action and reduces wear on opener shaft

"Old Reliable" just got more dependable.

#1 with long bar and optical cast iron base
#8 features a rotary style opening mechanism similar to our electric openers


  • Rust resistant arbor
  • New base with plastic insert
  • #8 has rotary blade that automatically pierces can
  • Made in U.S.A.

    #1, #2 and #8 models available with plated or stainless steel bases

Can openers that set the standard in foodservice operations around the world.

Numbers 1 and 2 Manual Can Openers

Number 8 Manual Can Opener S-11 Manual Can Opener--NSF Listed
#1 and #2 Manual Can Openers #8 Manual Can Opener S-11 Manual Can Opener -- NSF Listed
   "The Old Reliables" -- rugged construction and ease of operation. Both the #1 and #2 models are available in a variety of bases; the only difference between models is size.
  • Convenient table style
  • Tempered steel reversible knife
  • Tough cast iron construction
  • Bright plated finish
  • Easy, quick operation
  • Opens most can shapes/sizes
  • All parts replaceable
  • Available with extra long bar for tall cans

#1 available in choice of bases: plated steel, stainless steel (for cans up to 11" tall) and cast iron w/long bar (for cans up to 17" tall).
#2 available in choice of plated steel base or stainless steel base. With long bar, it will open cans up to 12".
Both models available without base.

#1 Opener



#2 Opener



#1 Knife and Gear set



# 2 Knife and Gear Set



   This well-constructed can opener features a rotary blade that automatically pierces the can every time you use it. The #8 will open most can shapes and sizes to one gallon.
  • Rotary blade automatically punctures can
  • Rugged, dependable construction
  • Convenient table style
  • Bright plated finish
  • Easy to operate
  • All parts replaceable; cutting wheel and gear easily changed
  • Opens most shapes/sizes to one gallon.
   "The most sanitary opener in the world" -- stainless steel construction with pieces that come apart easily for thorough cleaning and simple maintenance. This top-performing opener will open most can shapes and sizes to 14" high.
  • Convenient table style
  • Clean, stainless steel construction
  • Comes apart easily for cleaning/maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Extra-long tube shank for better fit in base
  • Rigid stainless steel base
  • Opens most shapes/sizes up to 14"

50 Manual Can Opener
#50 Manual Can Opener

   King-size can punch and bottle opener. Available in nickel plate or stainless steel.

#50 Can Punch




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